Hi there,

This webshop is specialized in Dolls. I came up with the idea that most time when I search for a doll pattern, it is just that one doll you can create. But how cool would it be, if you can create your own doll out of several packages? I worked this idea out when going on a short vacation. Wrote it all down the whole vacation long and here it is; Crochet Dollz.

Creating your favorite doll is a simple as baking a pie. Select your base piece for the body, pick out some pretty eyes, new hairstyle, and throw in some clothes. Change colors as you go! Want a yellow dress instead of the pink sample? Just do it! Add ruffles, little buttons, and pink hair. It is all up to you. Show off your creations here on this website for inspiration. Love to see your creations of my patterns.

Are you ready for it? Grab a stack of yarn, your favorite hook, and let’s start crocheting!


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