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How to crochet dolls clothes

A common question is ‘how to crochet dolls clothes’ as not one doll is the same. Every pattern is different so how about the clothes? Well, there is some sort of ‘agreement’ about increasing and decreasing. Gonna tell you all about it below.


When crocheting, there is some sort of ‘order’ when doing so. Starting with a magic ring mostly creates 6 stitches inside the ring. To increase, we go from 6 to 12 and from 12 to 18. In most patterns, we go up by 6 and go down by 6 when decreasing. So how about clothes when the bodies of dolls are different from one another?

Measure your doll

Don’t go random create some clothes by thinking you can just increase. There is a little try tho you can keep in mind; always go up ‘2 rows’ when counting. When the neck of your doll is 12 st. round you need to start with 24 chains + 1 turn. Why? 12 st for the neck, 6 stitches for the left side of the doll, and 6 for the right side of the doll. Which makes… 24! After that, you increase the round with 6 more stitches and so on.

But what if your doll has a neck of 18 stitches around? Simple: 18 + 6 + 6 = 30. Always keep the ‘up with 6’ in mind when starting your chains for a jacket, sweater etcetera.

The clothes doesn’t fit?

Sometimes when crocheting doll clothes, you measured the right way but the sweater doesn’t fit… how come? Maybe you used the same hook for the doll as for the clothes. Maybe you did the clothes a bit tighter? Everything is possible. My tip is to work the clothes 1 needle size up. So if you created the doll with hook size 2mm, do the clothes in 2.5mm or 3mm. This way the clothes will always be a bit bigger and will fit better.

Bought a pattern; different measurements?

You can use different clothes patterns for different doll patterns. But… there can be some adjustment needed as the pattern wasn’t written for the doll you already crocheted. What now? Don’t worry; keep the ‘increase with 6’ in mind and start counting. If the pattern suggests starting with 24 chains but your doll is asking for 30; start with 30! Keep counting the extra 6 as you go. After a couple of rows, just check with your doll if it fits. Otherwise, just adjust a bit more like; no decrease when asking for it in the pattern if the waistline doesn’t fit. Or do a couple of increases more before decreasing again to make it fit.

Pants is too wide! Noooo!

Don’t be sad; crochet a belt. Add some loops on the side, crochet a little belt, and there you go. Fixed it! No seriously. I crocheted some pants for my doll and it was too wide. Didn’t want to take the thing apart to add more decreases so I added some loops and a little belt. Super cute. If you don’t want to do this, take a view rows out and start decreasing earlier on.

As nobody crochets the same, you have to be creative from time to time to make it fit. One day I crochet very tight, the other day I crochet a bit loose because of a pain in my hand for exsample or because of a stupid paper cut. Just check with your doll on a regular basis if the clothes fit. If not; make little adjustments to make it fit.

Happy crocheting!

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