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Safety eyes in dolls, yes or no?

As the name of the item already tells you: safety eyes, so they are safe, right? Yes, they are, but sometimes we still thinking about what can happen if… especially the ‘what if’ part. So here it is: safety eyes in dolls; yes or no?

All kinds of safety eyes with back-caps.

The word safety tells you the eyes are safe to use. But when it comes to child toys, we are getting scared of the ‘what if they come off’ part. I also have this ‘what if’ in me, as I don’t want to be the reason something happens to another child.

My guess is that you have to see for what age your product can be. Is it between 0-3 years, you can embroider eyes on the doll or amigurumi. It is safer as nothing can come off than only a loose thread in the worst case ever.

If you want to use safety eyes, make sure they are really stuck. Like front with the pin and the cap that goes over it. Press is as hard as you can and really make it stuck. I heard some people even glue them together to really make sure they can never come off again. But again, you can always embroider eyes on the dolls to be really sure nothing can come off.

But back to the safety eyes; yes or no? It is not a big no, as the eyes are really sweet and can come in multiple colors and options. When using them, realize for what age you are crocheting. Above 3? No problem for safety eyes. Under 3? Make sure they are really tightened up in there and use glue if you want to be sure.

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